Art & Textile

The wonderful world around us
gives me an enormous
Olga She

Olga She creates tender and sophisticated wall art objects using several techniques at once. These are textile collages, manual silk screening, illustrations, graphics. Different textures and colors are used in the collages that give additional volume to the art objects.

Silk-screening has secondary role, but it adds graphics to works. It enlarges and specifies and focuses on what have already been told with the help of collage.

As a result one can see multilayered wall art object where each layer, despite the differences, add each other and make complete impression.

All the works of the author are created in the original technique. Multilayered and scenic they make impression of new reality and submerge the audience into retractable , as if in kaleidoscope, wonderful world. Spirit of travelling, faces of the cities, holographic transport junctions, denim blistering skyscrapers, fantastic forest animals and even scent of spring magnolia. One can meet knitted roof or jersey impinging waves.

Woolen mixes bring tenderness and warmth of nature, mixing of different cloth make disheveled pulsing industrial landscape, glimmering stream of cars. Energetic works of the author both intrigue, attract, stimulate and calm, appearing through bright exiting colors and textures, intensified by contrast graphics.

Olga She creates her works for people, to bring warmth and coziness to their homes. According to the author «Art should not be handled without the society, it is created to beautify the life, make it better. Art should be understandable and accessible, first of all it should aim at enrichment and development of personality. Not only idea, but also aesthetics and harmony, bring person to the development of consciousness and as a result determine the real profession of the artist.»

Graduated Saint-Petersburg Herzen University and Art College in Cheboksary. Olga quite for a long time works in art-textile and art-design, takes part in the exhibitions and simultaneously work with big Russian company as a textile designer.

  •   2016 Group exhibition of Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg
  •   In 2015 the participant of the 10-th Petersburg biennale «Modulor-2015» in category «Art- design», St. Petersburg
  •   2015 Personal exhibition Creative cluster Artmuse St. Petersburg.
  •   2014 Personal exhibition Art-center Borey St. Petersburg
  •   2014 Group exhibition Erarta galleries, London
  •   2014 Group exhibition of Design Union of Russia, St. Petersburg.
  •   2014 Exhibition «Fashion Industry» as a part of the Next Generation contest, St. Petersburg
  •   In 2013 he participant of the 9-th Petersburg biennale «Modulor-2013» in category «Art- design», St. Petersburg
  • In 2012 degree work «Flora» took part in the exhibition of art works of the affiliate of Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.
  •   Since 2009 till now the degree work «The Nutcracker and the Mouse King» is permanentaly exhibited in the National Museum named after I. Ya. Yakovlev, Cheboksary.
  •   Since 2006 she took part in exhibition of regional significance, the works can be found in private collections in Russia and Austria.
Creation of works
Individual combined technique
  • Drawings
  • Sketches
  • Maquettes
  • Selection of textures
  • Fabrics
  • textiles
  • jersey
  • atlas
  • lace
  • fur
  • Needles
  • Line
  • Sewing accessories

  • Graphical editing
  • Stencils
  • Photographic readout
  • Silk screening

Unique works of Olga She in «Art textile» style will be magnificent addition to the modern interior, will create warmth and coziness in your house or will become a great present to significant person.